Man, I’m old……

A month ago my wife decided to take the train home from the city and she was very surprised to see this birthday present still going strong. What a testament to the NJ graff scene. This was never a hot spot, but so lucky and happy to see something so positive get respected in this day and age. Either way, onto my point here…….

happy birthday
john a saccone and this website in no way encourage the illegal act of vandalism or defacing of public property. hehe

I have been spending alot of time looking back into my life as an artist over the last twenty years or so, and while i have some regrets, overall i’m proud of the work that I have done. Could I have worked harder? yes. Did I work harder than most? maybe not. Did I do my best? no way. Good thing is I’m through beating myself up. I spent most of the past twenty years a depressed, perfectionist mess. I wouldn’t attempt new things, or put too much effort in, I wouldn’t ask for help or look for collaboration. Most times I wouldn’t finish anything as I felt it wouldn’t end up perfect. These last few years developing a better relationship with my wife and my family and friends has helped a great deal in my artistic development by giving me support and confidence. Also I learned a little about mindfulness and that pays dividends.

Again I lost my point, haha. Ok what I wanted to do with this post was put up some really old stuff that I had found recently as I look back through all my art. so here goes. also check the media section for more old stuff. Thanks for coming! See you soon!




looking back….

Looking back over the last year I have been painting a lot and I wanted to recap a little. My wife and daughter have inspired me more than anything, and I couldn’t be happier. Seriously….every cliche is true and I am it. haha. mothers animation