A Brand New Triptych: Hauntings.

Effugium 5’X4′ mixed media on canvas
Colloquium 5’X4′ mixed media on canvas
Proelium 5’X4′ mixed media on canvas

These three works separately deal with struggle, acceptance, and dialogue. Together they explore the life of any creature on this planet: we all must struggle in life, in our own way, Accept what we have been given or what has been stolen, and communicate and change as new points of view and experiences are exchanged.

The ghosts have become a representation for me of my inner self and thoughts. Moving around alot as a child and being a natural introvert made me feel like I wasn’t really there. Not permanent or corporeal (not that i knew what that meant as a child…). The many expressions and actions of the ghosts have limitless possibilities and represent an ever-changing mind, frequently flying hither-thither, here and there, no end in site. They are also so much fun and make sure that I don’t(can’t) take myself too seriously. Thank goodness for that. We all need some of that.

The robots have always represented the same thing in all my works: drudgery, wage slavery, and vacuousness.  I have always rebelled against wage work. Don’t get me wrong, I love to work with my hands, break a sweat, and finish a job well done, but I have been keenly aware of the concept of alienation before I even knew what that word meant. Let’s be real here; we’re all robots of some kind at some time.

The skulls and musculature are really just visual representations of the artists work. This is a glimpse into my thoughts and feelings. Seeing through, and deep into my self. I always have to have a personal connection to my pieces.

The paintings are on some of the largest canvases I have worked with, keeping in line with my love of large works. 3 canvases at 5’X4′. Spraypaint, paint marker, ink. Nothing fancy, mostly mtn 94, their Street Paint markers (Great dabbers btw), and Sharpie oil-based.

If your keeping score, these are also in line with my most recent 3 song EP which is on johnasaccone.bandcamp.com. Each one is based on the same theme as the corresponding song, but I’m not going to bore you with the details( I also used the lyrics in there). You should check out the songs though as they do represent my most comprehensive solo musical composition to date. During the live set I would play them all as one solid piece over a 30 min set. I’ll post a set video soon, or make a new one, not sure yet.

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you like the new pieces! make sure to follow me on instagram @atypical_narcissist and check out the johnasaccone.bandcamp.com. New music and art all the time, no seriously.

                                                                                                                   JJohn A. Saccone


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