looking back….

Looking back over the last year I have been painting a lot and I wanted to recap a little. My wife and daughter have inspired me more than anything, and I couldn’t be happier. Seriously….every cliche is true and I am it. haha. mothers animation


Forced Hiatus


Due to an accident I have been forced to take a small break from music. It HAS allowed me to start a few new pieces of art though. Here’s a few examples of the progress I have been making, and also my newest piece that has been selected to be included in the upcoming Against the Grain show hosted and curated by the folks over at the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market and Artworks. Thanks again to everyone who has been so patient and supportive during this recovery time haha

Here is the piece that will represent me at the ATG show coming up on 8-6-16 @ Artworks in Trenton NJ

mixed media piece

also this is a Bowie tribute piece I also finished recently

mixed media piece

These will soon be masterpieces, I’m sure. haha Not quite decided on if they will be singular pieces or split….

work in progress
work in progress

works in progress
works in progress

works in progress
works in progress

Again thanks to everyone for checking in! Hope to see you all at the opening night of the TPRFM art show!! Fellow Allegory Lab members Addison and Aaron will be showing work as well!!


New Music!!!! is coming!!

All the recording and mixing is done. I have all the files and most of the artwork that I want to use. There are still a few loose ends that I wanna finish up. Mostly inking. haha here’s a teaser of the artwork. I really miss photoshop.

If your following me or allegory lab on facebook we’re doing the #5DayArtChallenge trend! I love it!! check us out!
http://www.facebook.com/john.a.saccone or /jasaccone



Work in progress for show submission

My wife ( http://www.melodysaccone.com ) let me know about a juried art show coming up that is accepting submissions. The theme of the show would be Upcycling. Recycling garbage or other waste(garbage sounds terrible haha) into works of art, so I was gonna finish painting my door, or maybe turn in one of the crazy sci-fi guns that I’ve made, but then I saw this huge, ugly painting near a dumpster in our development. It was perfect.

Step 0-Original  found by the trash.
Step 0-Original
found by the trash.

Base coat.
Step 1-Base new work repurposed from an old garden painting. Large
Step 1-Base
new work repurposed from an old garden painting. Large

Step 2-Lines new work repurposed from an old garden painting. Large
Step 2-Lines
new work repurposed from an old garden painting. Large

Step 3-Dots new work repurposed from an old garden painting. Large
Step 3-Dots
new work repurposed from an old garden painting. Large

This is some great progress so far in my humble opinion. haha I still can’t wait to see how it all turns out though.
Needs something though…. See you guys soon.

John A. Saccone


Award-winning Artist: John A. Saccone lol

Luckily for me I was able to find out about an exhibition at a prestigious corporate campus, and I was accepted by the jurors to participate. I was even graced with the honor of the third place award. Thank you very much to Artworks Trenton, and Munich RE for the amazing opportunity and generous prize.

photo by Bobby Bates www.bobbybates.net
photo by Bobby Bates


First prize was taken by Oki Fukunaga with his amazing sculpture

Second Prize was Kevin Hogan with his “iPhone only” photograph

I was awarded third place for this painting, I call it

Innoventioneering @ MunichRE

I can’t express how lucky I feel to have won an award at a show where there were so many talented individuals and so many creative works of art. Thanks again to Artworks and Everyone at MunichRE. Also, thanks to all the Allegory members that were in the show, at the show, and at home supporting me and cheering me on. Love all you guys.


Allegory Lab Show and Reception this weekend!!


We will be holding a reception for the exhibit that we will have up for the next three months at the Straube center in Hopewell/pennington area. As you can see on the flyer above, the reception is from 7-9pm. Please try to stop by and see our work, but you’re free to come see any of the work during weekly business hours. Thanks to everyone that helped us get here, My loving wife( http://melodysaccone.com/ ), Addison Vincent of Artworks Trenton (and Allegory Lab haha http://www.facebook.com/AddisonVincentFineArt ), The lovely and talented Bobby Bates (http://www.bobbybates.net/) and Alisandra of The Straube Center. (http://www.straubecenter.com)

Here’s a link to the event on facebook!