big things


Big things are coming soon, please stay tuned. If you missed the last two shows( I’m sure it didn’t help that I forgot to post about them), then you better not miss the next ones. We have at least two or three more this year. I will also (hopefully) be recording a demo soon and starting a soundcloud account for all the music experiments I’m looking into. Gotta get to work! Thanks for coming by, kkeep checking back!

Me @ 23

Me @ 23

This is a photo of me playing live in Ohio at 23, I had managed to bum a spot on the mini-tour that my best friend’s band had planned and they let me open for them a few times.I post this here as an advertisement for my new bandcamp page. I have posted about 8-9 songs there that are from around the time of this photo.They are simply a taste of my songwriting(message me for a free download code!), because I will be recording new material soon and would like to just get the ball rolling. If you like it, message me for a free download, thanks alot. New material will be up by may, as well as some Dino Velvet music. thanks guys


To Whom it may concern,
Unfortunately, the date of the show had to be changed(from the 22nd to the 21st), that along with my lack of preparation, has forced me to cancel my appearance at the rail house show. So sorry for the inconvenience and I hope that everyone that was looking forward to seeing me perform can be patient and come to the next show that I can play. Thanks again for all the support, and good luck to everyone that is still playing the show. Thanks again to Doll Eyes Productions.