Introductions are in order…

I, John A. Saccone, am one of the most prolific individuals that has ever existed. Whether that’s good or bad, it’s an ordeal. After a long and tumultuous 33 years, I feel that now the time has come for me to finally give you people everything I’ve got. I know it’s hard to believe, but you have been cheated for so long now, as I haven’t really given it my all. I’m sorry. The confusing work of my past will now pale in comparison to the esoteric, muddled work that is left for me to regurgitate. I am cursed with never being able to express myself in any specific media for very long, leading to a cacophony of images. Expect work in: pen, pencil, paint, music, philosophy, crafts, poetry, film. I can and will do anything I want to do, so be prepared.


I hope that everyone that visits this page or sees my art will have a good sense of humor about the world as well as about themselves. One of my goals in life is to not take anything too seriously. Eventually I will learn how to do this. Until then, please enjoy my ignorant opinions expressed via pretentious, bold-faced vanity.


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