An Explanation: What I’m trying to do musically.

I want to start at the beginning.

I can’t remember when I first wanted to play guitar but, I remember getting my first one when I was 13 right before i moved to Louisiana. We bought a white and cream squire strat and then went to Stewart’s as my dad sang Brian Adams( “Got my first real six-string….bought it at the five and dime”). I had absolutely no idea what i was doing and didn’t get lessons (also living in La for my first year and completely alone i learned practically nothing and almost warped the neck after tuning it way to high.), I just bought guitar magazines and learned from tab. Even though I loved Nirvana more than anything, I still never learned about even the most basic power chords for years, but in the meantime I found Sonic Youth and fell in love with the Avant-garde dissonant style of the early records, that along with their crazy tunings and noise and I found something for me, alone. After being in a highschool Nirvana cover band, I started a band with people who had never played before and wrote songs using whatever I wanted. No rules or even experience. It was amazing. Well, while it felt amazing it sounded terrible. I think I reached a real good direction by the time I moved back to NJ, but since I had just discovered “Punk Rock”(nothing progressive, just cliche stuff like Ramones, NOFX and all the fat wreck chords bands). I forgot all about arty, creative stuff and focused primarily on loud and fast as priority. I got into really cheesy pop-punk stuff(with the exception of Get up Kids and Lifetime though). I didn’t know anything about theory or scales or anything really, so I used power chords and basic Major chords. I played alot of bass over the next few years until Site 3 broke up and I started writing acoustic solo songs then that were simple pop songs (you can hear them on under Pre-dino days). I played out a little bumming shows off friends’ bands but I still looked for a band. I wanted something different, I was so lucky to find Dino Velvet. Not only were they all such amazing musicians and the songs unlike anything I had ever heard, but they introduced me to some of the music that has made my life so much better over the years. Music that I will listen to for the rest of my life, music that has inspired me more than I ever thought possible and does every day. In that band I found the freedom that I had before I learned anything but with the focus of experience and education that I had never had. I tried to experiment with different time signatures and slightly dissonant stuff with my acoustic outings after Dino split, but I was too depressed and instead gave up on music for my other passion, Visual art. I didn’t write or play for years after that. Then a few years ago I got the itch something bad and I knew I needed to make music again, but this time I was gonna do it right. I thought that since I had done everything: the acoustic thing, the full band thing, the background band member, punk band, pop band, metalcore band, grunge band, I would get a pedal board together (having never used anything more than a distortion pedal and a tuner) and learn how to use it so that I could make some music that encompasses all that I know how to do with all that I can do. I just want to learn to make music that I have never heard before. I hope that I can do something that I can be proud of, but I willing to wait. I hope you guys all are too. Thanks for coming to the site.
new recordings will be up soon. I’m gonna do some live home recordings to replace the “Moleskine Musings” recordings that are up.

thanks to Bobby Bates @ for the awesome shoot!BBP_5952


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